Dog CBD Oil 750mg

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Dog CBD Oil 750mg

🐶 Our best lab grade full spectrum CBD Oil specially formulated for our furry friends. Just drop on their food.

$89.00 or $75.65 / month


🇺🇸 Ships from Sanitized US Facility. Made in USA.


Woof woof! 🐶 This is the same as our human lab grade, full spectrum CBD oil but bottled especially for dogs.

We swap out the hemp seed carrier oil in favor of coconut oil as it seems easier on your pup’s digestion and the taste is a bit milder which reduces the chance they’ll be unhappy with it placed on their food. We also add no flavoring to this oil.

Simply drop the appropriate amount on your dog’s food once or twice daily.

How to Use:
Shake Well.
Squirt 2 to 3 drops per 20lbs. of dog weight on the dog food one to two times per day. Picky eaters may need it stirred in, or covered with some food

Up to 25lbs./11kg – 2 drops one to two times per day on the dog food
25-50lbs./11-23kg – 4 drops one to two times per day on the dog food
50-75lbs./23-34kg – 6 drops one to two times per day on the dog food
Over 75lbs./34kg – 8+ drops one to two times per day on the dog food

All Natural Organic Ingredients:
🌱 Full Spectrum Organic CBD Oil
🥥 Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (Organic Coconut MCT Oil)

Contains <0.3% THC
Allergen Warning: Contains tree nuts (Coconut).
Ships to all 50 states.

100% Natural
Lab Grade
No Pesticides
Third Party Tested
Made in USA
Zero High
Note: You should not take this product if you are subjected to drug testing. Even though it only contains 0.3% THC there is a chance you may test positive for marijuana

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Melia's Mom
Has made a big difference

My dog's appetite is restored and she is more comfortable on our walks. She is actually enjoying herself and is able to walk a faster pace. We are believers.

Dog CBD oil 750 mg

I started CBD oil for my 2 Great Pyrenees for pain relief and overall health with another company. Although I followed directions and increased the dose very slowly due to Pyr's slow metabolism, I saw no results. Within 4 weeks, my girl Abigail had a dazed look to her and both dogs started vomiting. I stopped the oil and in a week, both dogs stopped vomiting and Abigail changed back to her happy smiling face. But Abigail has chronic pain from an injury and my boy, Ari has pain from a cogentical problem. Spruce was noted to have CBD oil that was easy on their stomachs. I started Spruce CBD oil for pets and in a week Abigail had enough pain relief to run like a pup. Ari stopped whimpering at night. I am very pleased with Spruce. I had a question and Tony responded within 24 hours.
Excellent product, easy on the stomach and very effective for pain relief. And the customer service is exceptional!

Disclosure: After Christina wrote in to tell us how poorly the prior brands had made her dogs sick and how much better they were doing on Spruce Dog CBD we sent her pups some free Spruce as a gesture of our gratitude. Thank you Christina!

Samantha Lashbrook
Dog cbd

Second time buying it. My dog tore her acl and this really helps her move around. She is in less pain and seems happier.

A blessing!

My 8 yr old rottweiler Isys was just diagnosed with severe arthritis in both knees and lower spine and has moderate hip dysplasia. She was not bearing weight on her rear right leg and was visibly in pain. I am one who likes to keep things natural, so when she was done with her trial of prescription medication, I started looking into CBD oil. I've heard so many positive reviews and testimonies about CBD oil, so I decided to give Spruce a try. Literally after only 3 or 4 days, my girl started walking on all fours again! She seems so much happier too! She's not really fond of the taste, but allows me to just squirt it in her mouth. She seems to know that it's what is making her feel better. I also have her on joint supplements and omega's, but those usually take weeks to months to start showing any signs that they're helping, so I know for a fact Spruce is what is giving her the immediate relief! I'm so happy I gave this a shot! And the price point is far below what I thought CBD oil would cost. Thank you for making such a great product!

Sue Hinz
Dog CBD oil 750 mg.

Did have to up the dosage and he seems calmer.

Brett Cardoso
Great product, fast visible results.

Within a week of using this CBD on my 12 year old Cane Corso, not only did his mobility improve, but his coat was healthier and very shiny!

Jennifer Graves
It works!

I am so truly grateful for this. My 7 year old lab started having trouble getting up on the sofa and also a noticable limp when he would get up from a nap. I started looking for supplements for joints and inflammation when I stumbled across the Spruce website. I am so glad I did. He is my happy baby boy again. Thank you so very much for all the hard work and love that goes into making a safe and natural remedy for my Jackson!

Joel Mihelish
Life changing

I was able to fully take my dog off of carprofen from using this cbd oil. It has made my dogs life great again. She suffers from severe hip dysplasia and arthritis and is pain free. She used to have a hard time getting up from her dog bed but not anymore!!!

christine carmack
Dog cbd oil helps with the pain

I have 6.5 year old mastiff weighing 176 pounds. He recently was diagnosed with bone cancer in his front right leg. We started giving him spruce dog cbd oil because he unfortunately doesn’t have a cure for what he has. His vet gave us pain medicine for him but it started to make him lose his appetite and act a little sad. Once he started taking the cbd oil we noticed his appetite coming back and him acting more like himself. The tumor doesn’t seem to be growing as fast as it was and we haven’t noticed it spreading anywhere else yet. We are lucky because he is very picky on what he eats and he will actually lick the cbd oil out of our hands and take it as if it’s a treat. So if we have a day where I can’t get him to take his pain medicine I’m happy to know he at least took his cbd to help with the pain. He occasionally will run around still and chase our other dog in the backyard. Before the cbd oil he stopped playing and chasing. This has been a great product to add to our mastiffs diet with his cancer!

Christina Nix
The spruce for Sophie

So far my Sophie seems to be adapting very well to this product.