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CBD Gummies

$89.00 or $75.65 / month


🇺🇸 Ships from Sanitized US Facility. Made in USA.


Finally get real relief from a tasty gummy. Spruce never intended to launch a CBD gummy but after a year of work in the lab we perfected an EFFECTIVE gummy.

Why do all the gummies you’ve tried fail to deliver any relief? Most are manufactured with very cheap CBD isolate which does nothing but add a bit of metallic taste. We have found a way to squeeze our 200 year old heirloom full spectrum CBD into a low sugar, tasty gummy.

25mg of CBD plus all the other cannabinoids and terpenes you’ve grown to love in our CBD oil (full independent lab results here)

👉🏼 CHEW SLOWLY FOR 1 MINUTE ⏱ – In order to get the full Spruce effect you’ll need to keep it in the mouth for at least a minute for proper absorption via the tiny capillaries in your mouth. It’ll mostly liquify but hold it for a minute before swallowing.

Flavor: Mixed Berry, Orange, & Strawberry
30 gummies per jar, 25mg CBD per gummy, 750mg total CBD

🌱 Organic
Vegan and gluten-free ingredients* with no artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners.

Ingredients: Organic tapioca syrup, organic sugar, water, pure corn starch, pectin, citric acid, full spectrum hemp, organic flavors, natural color.

Proudly Made in the USA by a family business.
*Processed in the same facility as peanuts, wheat, dairy, tree nuts, and soy products.
Ships to all 50 States.

100% Natural
Lab Grade
No Pesticides
Third Party Tested
Made in USA
Zero High
Note: You should not take this product if you are subjected to drug testing. Even though it only contains 0.3% THC there is a chance you may test positive for marijuana

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Ralph Irons
Spruce CBD gummies doing the job

Having successfully used Spruce CBD oil to reduce **** ****, I was delighted to find that Spruce CBD gummies are just as effective. There are times when popping a gummy into my mouth is more convenient than dealing with the bottle and dropper. Thanks for giving me the choice!

The insertion of *** indicate we’ve had to censor any mentions of health conditions in order to comply with FDA regulations.

Ann Jaynes

Thank you so much for sending me your CBD gummies. Ginger, our Siberia husky, had been taking your coconut oil for a year & a half & it had gotten so she could up the steps on our deck by herself.
On her August delivery of her oil she detected a change on it & refused to take it. I returned it &
you replaced it. We thought it was going to work
but not like before. We finally decided to let her try
those gummies & she loves them so we know she's getting her medicine. We've also been putting the oil in her food. She smells & smells it but when she eats her food down it goes. Withe her delay on not taking the oil, we could see a difference in her gate.
But gummies saved the day. Thank you again. She's back to normal again.

Michael Hughes

quick and easy

Michelle Mendenhall
Returning Costumer

These dummies really seem to do the trick with managing my stress. Satisfied customer!


CBD Gummies

Peter Graham

CBD Gummies

Chris McLeod
No go for our family

Tried but didn’t notice any effects.

Suzie Sullivan
Works great!

I’ve had 2 spinal surgeries. And I experience a great amount of pain. The gummies have helped minimize the pain and given me the ability to sleep through the night without pain.

Ken OConnell
Always the Best!!

Spruce products are Amazing!!

Nicole Call
Such awesome products and customer care

My anxiety has been so much better since I started using spruce products. I received the gummies last week and they are definitely the real thing, no corn syrup taste, you can tell they are made with actual cannabis cbd ingredients. And they help me stay so much more calm, and for someone who has a very bad heart, this is important!