1,200mg CBD & 150mg CBN Spruce Rest 😴

$139.00 or $88.96 / month

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1,200mg CBD & 150mg CBN Spruce Rest 😴

$139.00 or $88.96 / month


🇺🇸 Ships from Sanitized US Facility. Made in USA.


For quieter nights we’ve increased the CBN content in our full spectrum CBD oil to a full 150mg in addition to 1,200mg of CBD.

That’s more than 30 times the CBN you’d find in our normal 750mg oil or our 2,400mg oil πŸ’€

Goodnight moon.

😴 150mg of CBN
🌱 1,200mg of CBD
🍦 Natural Vanilla Flavor

🌱 Organic
Vegan and gluten-free with no artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners.

Other Ingredients: MCT (coconut oil)

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Proudly Made in the USA by a family business.

100% Natural
Lab Grade
No Pesticides
Third Party Tested
Made in USA
Zero High
Note: You should not take this product if you are subjected to drug testing. Even though it only contains 0.3% THC there is a chance you may test positive for marijuana

Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Nick Brisson
Works well for sleep

I definitely feel the difference with the CBN included vs the regular CBD I take during the day. A dropper before bed and it eases me into a good nights sleep.

Jody Goodrich
Great product

I sleep great using this.

William Shepherd
First time user.

In past usage of similar products, the product worked satisfactory for 30 to 45 days. After short term use, these products lost potency. I am hoping your product is different.

Gina Simler
Spruce CBD

Purchased for sleep, amazing, deep sleep, no morning groginess. Great

Ernestine Contreras

I really love your products!!! I have a parent with dementia and the cbd oil works great. It keeps my parent very calm. My parent is not on meds and having my parent on cbd is a blessing. Thank you.

Amelia Vaughn
Thank you!!

We received the Spruce Rest two weeks ago. My husband used it that first night, and every night since. He has had a good night’s sleep every night!! Even when waking up in the night to use the restroom he has been getting back to sleep without problem. Including when he had to take a needy dog out for a potty, he went right back to sleep. Thank you so much. This will help improve his life so much.

Paul Harb

Helped me sleep well within a week!

Adam Townsend

1,200mg CBD & 150mg CBN Spruce Rest 😴

Alan Randich


Did not wirk

I took a whole dropper the first night and let it sit under my tongue for a few seconds nothing happened no sleep. I took it a second night same again no result and ended up staying up for 24 hours then only slept one hour and was back up again πŸ₯Ί

Hi Salam,
I'm sorry to hear your sleep wasn't helped. You do need to hold it under the tongue for at least one full minute. A few seconds doesn't allow enough to be absorbed in the mouth capillaries. Be sure to shake the bottle well each time.