750mg Lab Grade CBD Oil


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Contains 25mg of full spectrum CBD per dropper full (1ml)
Peppermint flavor
Cap includes a graduated dropper to ensure accurate serving size.
🌱 Organic
Vegan and gluten-free with no artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners.
Ingredients: Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Full Spectrum CBD Oil, Natural Flavors.
Proudly Made in the USA by a family business.
Ships to all 50 States.

Note: You should not take this product if you are subjected to drug testing. Even though it only contains 0.3% THC there is a chance you may test positive for marijuana

Customer Reviews

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Relief from Degenerative Disc Disease and Arthritis

Because of degenerative disc disease and arthritis in my neck — caused by an auto accident 40 years ago — the last several months for me have been unbearable, as many days, I’ve shuttled back and forth between hot showers and ice packs, and often times have spent the majority of my days in bed.

Finally, though, I decided to try CPD oil. After researching the many CPD companies out there, I was most impressed with Spruce, and purchased the 750 mg bottle. Taking 1.5 ml twice a day, within only a couple days, I began to feel tremendous relief in my neck and upper back.

However, the greatest testimonial for this product comes from my inadvertently letting it run out before reordering. Sure enough, by the second day of not using it, I was back in bed, with all my old symptoms. Fortunately, my reordered bottle came two days later, and within three hours of taking my dose, I could already fee relief. Two days later, I’m back to feeling great again.

To the good friends at Spruce, thank you. Your product has certainly helped me regain my life once again.


Disclosure: When Michael sent us his incredible story we offered him a free bottle of Spruce as our gratitude for sharing his experience. Thank you so much Michael!
5 star 🌟 review of full spectrum CBD oil

I have tried several different CBD brands and Spruce CBD is my absolute favorite. My husband noticed right away that it helped my anxiety and reduced pain from Arthritis and nerve pain in my lower back. Another major plus is Spruce is available on messenger to answer questions. I received immediate answers that I had and that is rare! Fast free shipping makes Spruce my number one choice for future CBD purchases! I can't stop talking about your product!!

Disclosure: Kristin was sent a free bottle of Spruce as a huge thank you from all of us for the amazing story she shared in her video. We are grateful for your time sharing your experience but more importantly we're so happy to hear you're doing so much better.
CBD to the rescue!

I work night shifts 10 days at a time, and for 6 months I hadn't been able to sleep more than 4-5 hours at a time -- and the sleep was only light sleep. I'd been feeling wired and frazzled this whole time, and even though I started wearing blue light blockers and stopped getting headaches, I could still only sleep 4-5 hours at a time. I tried melatonin and zzzquil etc. Not a single thing helped me sleep any better -- though the melatonin did make me groggier. Since I've started taking the Spruce CBD before bed, I'm sleeping 6-7 hours easy. It's like someone flipped a switch. Now I'm actually thriving on night shift and no longer concerned for my sanity. Literally life changing! Thanks, Spruce!!

Disclosure: we sent Nick some free product as a thank you for sending in his story with Spruce and his circadian rhythm hacking.
Amazing Product!!!

I highly recommend the Spruce CBD oil. I have been taking the product for about 2 weeks and have seen amazing results. I suffer from anxiety and insomnia. Spruce has helped me tremendously with both. I was hesitant to try CBD oil and after doing a lot of research, I decided to try Spruce 750 mg. I cannot say enough good things about this oil. I will for sure purchase it again!

Disclosure: We shipped Heather some free product as a gesture of gratitude for sharing her experience with Spruce. Thank you!
Remarkable results: drastically reduced my essential tremor

I started taking 25mg 2xdaily, looking for possible arthrtitis relief. After two days, I was astonished to find that my more serious problem - tremor of the right hand - was all but eliminated. This is a life-changing discovery for me.

Disclosure: After Jay blew us away with his incredible story we sent him some free product as a thank you for sharing what he experienced with his essential tremor. Thank you Jay!
Nearly completely eliminated my foot pain

I have been suffering from plantar fasciitis and the Spruce CBD oil has helped tremendously with the pain in the foot. In fact it has receded almost completely. At times when I had to be on my feet for long periods I would use both the CBD oil under the tongue and the cream directly on the foot. I do sales and during a market show I'm on my feet for long hours and this has near eliminated the pain and allowed me to get the job done.

Disclosure: After we received Elaine's incredible review we sent her some free product as a thank you for sharing her Spruce experience with us and our future customers. Thanks Elaine!
The best CBD oil I've tried so far (by a long shot)

I was first introduced to CBD a couple years ago when medicinal marijuana became legalized in California. And since then, have been taking CBD on and off for relaxation purposes.

I've tried a whole range of CBD products from different brands (eg. Saturn Ranch, NuLeaf, PLUS) and different forms (eg. capsules, tinctures, gummies, etc.) and the problem with other CBD brands that I've tried so far is that I often times don't feel the effects.

I'm happy to report that Spruce CBD is on a whole new level. Spruce's lab grade oil is quite strong and helps relieve a lot of stress & anxiety that I get during my workdays.

My usual dose is a full dropper (1ML) after a particularly stressful workday. The body high is pleasant yet not overbearing. Will definitely be picking up more bottles!

Disclosure: After Bernard contacted us to share how much better he did with Spruce versus the other CBD he had tried we sent him some free product as a bit of gratitude. Thanks Bernard!
This is a quality of life saver

I started taking the CBD oil from Spruce in the beginning of May. I was in so much chronic pain every day because of the arthritis in my knees, the bone spurs, a herniated disk in my back and arthritis in my hands.
I had never taken CBD before and didn't think it would really help much. I could barely walk up stairs, open anything or sleep without elevating my knees. I had a lot of swelling behind my knee which made it painful to sit or once seated, I could barely get up. I had an appointment scheduled with an orthopedic specialist in 2 months to discuss knee replacement and cortisone shots.
When I recieved my CBD oil from Spruce, I started taking it right away. The very next day I felt the results! The swelling in my knee went down. I could walk better, go up and down the stairs better and didn't have to elevate my knee to sleep. After about a week of taking it, I felt so much better. All the swelling has gone from my knees. I can walk without using a cane. I can sleep normally. I can stand without my back hurting.
I even gave a little to my daughter for her hip pain and she felt better. When I went to the orthopedic doctor July 1st, there was nothing they had to do. I told them about the CBD oil and they told me to keep taking it. My pharmacist even noticed the change. She told me I didn't look like I was in constant pain as I did before.
I tell everyone about this product and where to get it. I LOVE this oil. I love not feeling broken down. I loved being able to sit and get up without pain. Walk without pain. Bend and stand without pain. If I could I would give the CBD oil 10 stars.
If you are in pain and don't want to take pain pills or if like me they make you severely sick and are tired of hurting, then I highly recommend getting the CBD oil from Spruce. Their product and their customer service is excellent!

Still experimenting.

I’ve been on opioids for extreme pain for 8 yrs. I was hoping that the arrival of CBD oil in the world would be something that could help me slowly get off opioids. I didn’t feel any relief. Someday I may try your higher level stuff but can’t afford that price right now. I am waiting for medical marijuana to become legal in my state, praying that it will be the answer for me, I’ve never tried it before. My wife who has rheumatoid arthritis and has never taken opioids also tried the oil, I figured it would definitely probably help her, but she felt no relief either. We are going to “up” her dose however and see if she just needs two droppers or more instead of one. If it helps her I will post that it did when it happens. Thanks. Sorry for the bad news.

Hi Lynn, I'm so sorry to hear that didn't help you get the relief you deserve that would allow you to stop the opioids. It does sound like both you and your wife need a higher dose to get proper relief and yes our maximum strength 2,400mg is quite expensive. The cost to produce that high of potency is considerably higher than the 750mg oil. We can offer you a reduced price on a subscription. I'll email you to share that discounted rate with you. Let me know how your wife does on 2 droppers of the 750mg oil (50mg dose). Don't worry.... we will sort out a solution for the both of you!Warm Regards, Tony Spencer - Founder

Re: 750mg Peppermint CBD Oil:
Hunting for a worthwhile CBD Oil, I am glad to relay I (we) have found a most authentic CBD oil.
My wife (age 49, weight 128 lbs) is suffering severely with physical ailments throughout her body, suffers with irritable sleep & hence anxiety - that have yet to be given a medical diagnosis. My own disorder is within my lower back.

The Spruce website is neat - the order process is not complicated and client support from Mr. Spencer, admirable. Our order arrived within 2 days. The delivery box sturdy, resistant to rain and the contents well shielded.
The peppermint flavor is delicate.

Following eight days of taking this Spruce oil, the result is their product is immensely effective & impressive.

She (who must be obeyed!) is now realizing restorative sleep, reduced anxiety and marginally reduced pain to her limbs. My own condition now allows me to suffer less. Clearly, each metabolism is unique - each pain/ailment is subjective yet as a private consumer, I would respectfully suggest you gather a payment card and submit your order.

Thank you all at 'takespruce.com'