Spruce Subscription Membership… How the Discount Works

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Spruce Subscription Membership

Get Spruced Up Automatically for Big Savings

  • ✅ 15% Off Every Order

    Automatic savings with no coupon ever needed.

  • ✅ Free US Shipping

    Automatic savings with no coupon ever needed.

Plus More:

  • ⏳ Change or Pause Anytime

    Need it to come more often or less frequently? No problem.. just message us on chat or via email and we'll adjust it for you.

  • ☃️Your Price is Frozen in Time

    When the market forces us to raise prices you won't be affected. Subscription members have their prices locked in.

  • ???? Members Get Priority When Inventory is Low

    Demand for Spruce CBD has been on fire lately. When we're running low on inventory we halt orders for general public to ensure our subscription members won't run out of supply.

  • ????Early Access to New Products

    As a member you'll get to try new products earlier than one time customers.

How Do I Sign Up?

Simply browse to your favorite Spruce products and instead of selecting the default "one-time purchase" option, click the "subscribe & save" option before clicking the "Add to cart" button.

Screenshot of how to subscribe

Repeat for any other products you want included in your subscription before completing checkout.

All items will ship once per month. You can immediately message us after checkout if you want the subscription to run more frequently or less frequently and we'll edit it.