CBD Salve

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✅ Do you need a bigger dose of CBD topical?
✅ Do you prefer all natural ingredients?

If yes to either of the above this Spruce topical is for you. We launched Spruce with our 300mg cream and it remains so popular we struggle to keep inventory. However we heard from a number of customers who have sensitive immune systems and therefore need to avoid petroleum and stick with only all natural products. Additionally some of you have severe symptoms and needed a higher dose of topical CBD.

This salve is 100% natural, organic, and made from simple ingredients. It comes in a 1,000mg concentration which is more than 3 times the dose in our cream, and a 2,000mg concentration with a whopping 6.7 times increase over our cream.

Note: this is a salve so it’s more oily than the cream and the consistency is something similar to Vaseline yet a little bit firmer. The smell is pleasant and mild.

Strength Options:
1,000mg of lab grade full spectrum CBD per 0.87 ounce jar (for topical use only).
2,000mg of lab grade full spectrum CBD per 1.7 ounce jar (for topical use only).

How to Use:
Apply as often as needed to the skin over the affected area.

All Natural Ingredients:
🌱 Full Spectrum CBD Oil
🍈 Olea Europaea (Olive Oil)
👶🏽 Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)
🐝 Cera Alba (beeswax)
🥥 Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (Coconut MCT Oil)*
Contains <0.3% THC
*Allergen Warning: Contains tree nuts (Coconut)

Ships to all 50 states.

Note: You should not take this product if you are subjected to drug testing. Even though it only contains 0.3% THC there is a chance you may test positive for marijuana

Customer Reviews

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AMAZING... avoiding pain killers and bonus - lower blood pressure

I had investigated CBD thoroughly as I'm a board member for our local government and had to make an educated decision regarding dispensaries in our Charter Township. This summer, I broke and dislocated three fingers during a fall, and at this time, am undergoing physical therapy. This, along with osteoarthritis, made my decision to try CBD Salve to alleviate the pain as I don't want to take other pain killers with my GERD.

I was totally amazed how quickly it worked.
Another bonus I wasn't expecting at all - My blood pressure has been going up steadily - and at my last physical, my doctor was encouraging me to begin blood pressure medication. I wanted to wait a bit - but keep close tabs on my blood pressure. After only a few days using the CBD salve, I checked my blood pressure and noticed it was back down to what it was a year ago. I figured my machine needed new batteries so put new ones in. The reading was the same. So I checked my pulse on the application I have on my phone - and it matched my blood pressure machine. I went back to my notes from when I was researching CBD oil. I noted that when taking CBD oil, blood pressure was one of the things that could be affected. I hadn't thought of that with the salve, but obviously, it must, because my blood pressure was still high at the doctor's office a few days before I began the salve therapy.
After my fingers are healed, I will definitely continue with CBD oil - this is a miracle in my eyes. I want to introduce it to my 97-year-old mother who suffers from extreme osteoarthritis, too!

Disclosure: Susan was having trouble with our hemp seed carrier oil in the 750mg and contacted us via web chat. I thought we were unable to help her as we don't yet have a coconut carrier oil option in the 750mg. But I suggested she could use the dog oil. She wrote back later to let us know she was doing fantastic and we sent Susan some free product as our thank you for the wonderful testimonial and for taking the time to work with us to find a solution. Thank you Susan!
Spruce Ointment

Tried Spruce and CBD ointment for the first time. Has been remarkable, has really helped ease the pain from severe arthritis and fused ankle joint. I am a believer now.

Amazing product !

I am amazed at the results I have gotten from using the oil and salve from Spruce Labs. I have been told I need an elbow replaced in my right arm. On the same side, I have an impingement of my shoulder. In both areas I have been able to control the pain with the oil and salve. I am thrilled with this product. !

Spruce Salve

Excellent product works quickly
This product was referenced on the Arthritis Foundation site
which provided me with the confidence to purchase the product.
We are very happy with the results based on our results I just ordered Spruce CBD for dogs. I have been using another brand recommended by my holistic vet with very positive results....with our human results I just placed my Spruce f dog order.

Excellent Product

Works well and have added CBD Oil 2400 mg for deeper pain. A little goes a long way with both.

A. O.

Excellent product. I'm new to CBD products and I am not disappointed. I use the salve on my knees and get immediate results. I have osteoarthritis advanced stage, it helps sooth the pain and discomfort. Makes walking slot more comfortable. Thanks Spruce!

Relief From Chronic Shoulder Pain

After having cervical fusion and right rotator cuff surgery a year a part, I’m still dealing with pre existing chronic pain in my right shoulder and right upper bicep. I’ve been using Spruce CBD Salve 2,000 mg at first, which has been very helpful. I then started taking Spruce CBD Tincture Oil 750 mg together which has also provided much relief. My chronic pain has not disappeared, but I have experienced pain lessened. Particularly in the morning when I start my day, it’s not as severe as it was prior to using Spruce.

CBD Salve


Cautious Optimism

The salve has helped to ease the pain in my severely arthritic knee. I’ve recently received the tincture and hope that a regimen of the two will result in even more pain relief.
I am super impressed with the level of customer care, the packaging and product quality.


It works great.