Sleep Ranger Premium Melatonin Blend

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Sleep Ranger Premium Melatonin Blend

$60.00 or Original price was: $60.00.Current price is: $51.00. / month


🇺🇸 Ships from Sanitized US Facility. Made in USA.


Contains 10mg of premium melatonin combined with a custom blend of enzymes to produce maximum absorption along with gentle, stable time release effect throughout the night.

😴 10mg of Melatonin
🍃 400mg of Valerian Root
💪🏼 13mg of Magnesium in the form of bisglycinate chelate
🧠 150mg of 5-HTTP
🍋 100mg of Lemon Balm Extract

🌱 Organic
Vegan and gluten-free with no artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners.

Other Ingredients: Hypromellose (vegan capsule), rice flour, rice hull concentrate, plant based magnesium stearate

🇺🇸 Proudly Made in the USA by a family business.

100% Natural
Lab Grade
No Pesticides
Third Party Tested
Made in USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Lee Kennedy
Helped with sleep so much

I've been having trouble sleeping and have been taking a different prescription medication for it but have been wanting to stop. This has been a great natural alternative, and I get 8 great hours of sleep on it.

Linda Bussing
Sleep Ranger Premium Melatonin Blend

It helps my husband fall asleep faster and stay asleep. He's more rested in the morning.

Teresa Willbanks
Always a product to which I return!

Received this as a free sample, and I've continued to purchase it since. Nothing nothing nothing has ever helped me sleep. This produce definitely helps!

Elizabeth Ciullo
Awesome Product!!

Highly recommend Sleep Ranger as I’ve had such good night’s rest in eons!! You will not be disappointed!

Jonathan Levi

Sleep Ranger Premium Melatonin Blend

Jamie Wagner
Truly effective blend , it works! Plus made in USA by a trusted company

Make sure you take your dose early enough to get 8 hrs sleep. Spruce’s custom product blend is perfect and I feel comfortable knowing it’s produced in the Highly recommend


I normal take THC tincture to help me sleep. On a good night I get 5-6 hours. I have been trying to reduce my usage of THC so I tried sleep ranger. Now I have tried OTC melatonin products before and found them useless. Last night I took two sleep ranger capsules and went to bed at 9:30PM. Got up once during the night and then again at 6AM but went back in bed not intending to fall back asleep but I did until 7AM. That's 9 ½ hours of sleep. Now some of this is due to not getting 5-6 hours the night before but 9 ½ hours is just unbelievable for an OTC product.

Gil Stafford

Sleep Ranger Premium Melatonin Blend works like magic. I haven't slept through the night in years. And when I wake up at 2 am I can never go back to sleep. But Sleep Ranger has changed all that - I'm getting a good 7 hours of sleep every night. Perfect.

MaryBeth Quinsey
Help to fall back asleep

I think this product has helped me fall back asleep in the night when I wake. I've only tried it about 6 nights but it seems to lessen the time it takes for me to fall back asleep.

Nighty night!

This gets me to sleep in a hurry and keeps me asleep. I have no hangover effect in the morning. I’m very pleased. Thanks!